Business Administration

Kindly check below the details regarding the admission process for the Business Administration concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing

1- Application requirements:

Applicant is required to fulfil all of the following conditions:

  • 1. High School GPA/percentage of 1.50 / 50% or above for Science or Art Section certified by the Kuwait Ministry of Education, and provided graduation date must not exceed the admission committee approved period
  • Note:

    • High School GPA/percentage will be recalculated based on the College manual for educational institutions that do not follow the unified secondary education system certified by the Ministry of Education – State of Kuwait.
  • 2. Passing the English Placement test at ACM with a score of 110 as minimum.
  • Note:

    • Applicants may retake the English language test only once in the event of achieving a score of 90 and above, and the higher score achieved will be considered after repeating the test. The Admission Committee has the right to provide additional opportunities to redo the exam, as it deems appropriate.
    • The applicant who did not pass the English Language test has the right to re-apply for new admission and open a new file in subsequent admission periods that are announced, provided that the student’s admission has not been rejected for any other reason under the college admission policy.
  • 3. A Passing a score of 40% as a minimum on the Math Assessment Test
  • Note:

    • The applicant may re-take the mathematics test only once in the event of receiving a score of 20% and the higher score achieved will be considered after repeating the test. The Admission Committee has the right to provide additional opportunities to redo the exam, as it deems appropriate
    • The applicant who has not passed the Math test shall be entitled for new admission at the subsequent admission time as shall be announced at the appropriate time, provided the student’s admission has not been rejected for other reasons under ACM Admission Policy.

2 – Other Terms and Conditions:

  1. Applications submitted by former students who were dismissed are not accepted and their admission will not be activated.
  2. ACM’s re-Admission policy will apply on applicants who withdrew from ACM.
  3. The applicant should not have been subjected to academic or non-academic dismissal from any other higher academic institution, and should submit documents as proof of such from previously enrolled higher academic institution(s) post high school graduation.
  4. An applicant of 21 years of age or above who discontinued his/her studies for more than one academic year, must submit a recent valid clear criminal record (not exceeding 3 months) upon application.
  5. Acceptances are only valid for the semester in which the student applied to and no deferral is allowed.
  6. The applicant must specify to ACM if he/she has any special needs so that the College can determine the ability to meet these needs.
  7. The applicant is required to submit to the College any academic and/or non-academic warnings previously received by other institutions.
  8. In addition to the information required in the Admission application form, the applicant acknowledges that he/she is responsible to provide ACM with all the academic and/or non-academic information from previous educational institutions that he/she was enrolled in. This includes health information, serious violations, criminal court rulings, etc.
  9. The applicant acknowledges that the information requested in the application form is not all the information necessary and needed for the purpose of the admission. The college reserves the right to request any extra student information.
  10. The applicant acknowledges their full responsibility for the accuracy of information enclosed in their admission application, and any violation will lead to the student’s dismissal from the College.
  11. The applicant acknowledges his/her responsibility to read and review all the conditions and policies related to the admission, which is available on the College’s official website.
  12. ACM reserves the right to make changes in the admissions policy and procedure anytime during the period of admission and until the last day of the add/drop period, and the student acknowledges that his/her admission is subject to any amendments made to the admission policy.
  13. ACM reserves the right to reject any applicant in the event of any act of misbehavior or misconduct; or violation of the rules and regulations of the College during the application and admission process.
  14. Upon applying for admission at ACM, the applicant grants the College the right to approach all the educational institutions attended by the applicant directly to request and receive all their academic and non-academic records, in addition to the records from existing and previous employers.
  15. ACM reserves the right to make changes in the educational curricula, course scheduled timings, syllabus, study plan, and amend tuition and/or any other fees.
  16. It is the applicant’s responsibility to be aware of the tuition fee structure and payment procedures.
  17. The applicant acknowledges that in the case of Government Grant Enrolment, he/she is responsible for other fees and payments not covered by the Government grant/rules.
  18. The applicant acknowledges that in case he/she wishes to change their major prior to enrolment, the following should apply:
    • Fulfilling admission requirements of the desired major
    • Acceptance is subject to the availability of seats in the desired major.
    • In case of need to acquire a Government grant to the new major, the student takes responsibility to acquire the grant pending him/her passing the rules of ACM changing major policy.
  19. The applicant acknowledges his/her understanding and commitment to the terms and conditions for applying to and enrolling at the American College of the Middle East.

3- Admission committee:

The Admission Committee shall study the applicants’ admission file to ACM verifying all stages of the admission process and will grant them admission according to the admission policy approved by the college. ACM has the right to reject or accept any requests and/or applications without justifying the reason(s).

4- Registration and Enrolment:

1. Direct-Entry Acceptance:

Direct Entry acceptance and registration requires for the student to pass both Math and English placement tests as mentioned hereunder, otherwise, acceptance will be conditional and the student will be registered in the preparatory program:
Obtaining one of the following Scores:

  • btaining a score of 180 or above in the English Exam.
  • International TOEFL result with a score of 79-80 in IBT
  • Academic IELTS result with a score of 6 and above.

2. Conditional Acceptance:

Students that pass the Math test with 40 % as a minimum, and did not achieve any of the minimum scores in the English language tests needed for direct entry.

In order to get enrolled to Diploma in Business Administration programs:

  • The student should pass the English Preparatory Program (EPP) – non-credit courses with a minimum score of 70 %.
  • Not register in any other course at ACM before passing the EPP.
  • In case of failure, each level can be repeated only once. Failure in the second attempt will result in dismissal from the College.

Conditions for accepting TOEFL/IELTS scores:

  1. The deadline for accepting official TOEFL/IELTS scores for the new students is the last day of the Add/Drop period of the registered semester, which exempts the student from the English preparatory program.
  2. After the end of the add and drop period, the student should attend and pass the first level of the English preparatory program in order to accept his/her TOEFL/IELTS scores, which exempts him/her from level 2 of the English preparatory program. No scores will be accepted during or after the academic semester in case of failure.
  3. Students from level 1 of EPP are obligated to finish the semester if they do not submit the required Official International TOEFL or Official Academic IELTS test scores before the end of the add /drop period in the same semester.
  4. EPP level 2 students are entitled to submit at any time the official TOEFL/IELTS scores, which exempts them from passing level 2 of the English preparatory program. By doing so, they will be enrolled in the undergraduate program at the beginning of the following semester.
  5. In the case of freezing the EPP semester, the student is granted the right to submit TOEFL/IELTS scores before the last day of Add/Drop week of the following semester.
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