Online Public Access Catalogue ACM students, faculty, and staff have access to a high-tech library, which provides them with an integrated space with all major library factors – library technology, library functions and information media, the combination of which provides students with an environment to seek knowledge and education through means of online exploration, technological interactivity, and the ability to discover, share, and develop. The Library provides a welcoming and well-managed facility that encourages research and dissemination of scholarly information and ideas. It also provides information resources and services to support the instructional programs and educational goals of ACM. Working Hours The Library is open from Sunday through Thursday from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. Library hours are adjusted during Midterm and Final Exams periods and during Ramadan. These changes are posted on Moodle. The library is closed on Public and college holidays throughout the year.  
Library Support
The Library staff is available to answer questions or provide assistance to faculty, students and staff via the Help Desk or by Email:  
The Library has its own single gateway to access all Library resources and services from one point. Most of these resources are online and can be accessed on and off- campus by ACM community. Book Section: The Library has a variety of printed books, in all subject areas offered by the college, out of which over 2000 books are in the field of mathematics, engineering and technology, as well as a Reference collection. The Library’s online public access catalog allows patrons to check the availability status of library resources, including books and journals and provides them with personal accounts where they can overview the items they have checked out and the overdue items.
  • Periodicals: Library has its own subscriptions to printed peer reviewed journals/magazines, which users can use to access current news updates, scholarly research articles, and other forms of periodicals. A majority of these subscriptions are also available electronically.
  • E-Resources: ACM has access to various online databases as a shared subscription with the Library. The library is subscribed to many high-caliber academic databases and digital resources, which are listed on the library website individually or in collections. The majority of these resources are databases for academic publications, giving full-text access to journals and conference proceedings, e-books and reference materials as well as for citations and abstracts. The library is also subscribed to a number of databases best described as research tools offering a mixed variety of teaching and research utilities.
  • E-Learning Platform provides over 6000 courses in the areas of business, management and IT. Subjects vary in difficulty level from basic desktop skills all the way to the advanced and specialized subjects that are covered in multiple courses. This platform was intended to support individual and independent learning.
  • Computer Lab: Our well-equipped computer lab provides students with access to all online resources subscribed to by the Library. The Library is equipped with over 180 computers that are freely accessible for the patrons to access all subscribed online resources
  • OPAC: Patrons can search for Library resources such as books, journals and other resources through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) on the Library website.
  1. Circulation
  • The Library aims to support the research and learning experience through providing accessible print resources through a dedicated circulation policy available on the library website.
  1. Interactive Facilities
  • Video walls
  • Touch tables
  • Interactive (touch) screens used for marketing and advertising purposes
  • Touch tablets on the study room doors for on spot room booking
  • Access control system/Tablets
  • Self-check kiosks for students to check out, check in and renew their borrowed books.
  • Collaborative Space available for interactive and collaborative work.
  1. Cinema:
One of the available facilities at Library is the high-tech Cinema. This is an HD Cinema with high-quality equipment and around 100 movie theater seats which offers the full experience of watching a movie at a cinema.
  1. Study Room Reservation
The Library has 18 fully equipped individual group study rooms that the students may book via the library website.
  1. E-Learning Zones
The Hi-Tech Library has 4 E-learning zones, equipped with 180 all-in-one touchscreen computers for students to access all electronic resources available through the library and the E-learning courses.
  1. Individual Study Spaces
The Library provides individual study spaces that can accommodate a big number of students. In addition to this, the library also has 28 fully connected high-tech individual study cubicles.
  1. Off-Campus Access
The Library uses a proxy service so that students, faculty and staff can access online resources such as the catalog, databases, and e-learning platform from outside the campus. This service involves students signing in with their college credentials, which allows them to be recognized by providers as ACM members and allowed off-campus access.

Online Public Access Catalogue