Engineering & Technology Department

The ACM Engineering and Technology Department aims to develop the intellectual, professional, and personal skills of its students. A successful endeavor for engineering and technology students at these changing times requires engineering and technology programs that are career-specific and that pay more attention to the different technologies and their rapid evolution, their technical and social skills. This is clearly reflected in ACM’s educational philosophy. Our engineering and technology programs are keeping up with the latest technology advances, emphasizing both practice and theory while promoting independent and high level thinking.

Currently, ACM offers several Engineering and Technology programs in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, and Electrical Engineering Technology, in addition to Computer Network Systems as well as Information Technology.

In order to achieve a leading position and deliver best quality teaching, the ACM Engineering and Technology Department continues to develop top-notch educational resources, lab facilities, and academic infrastructure.


ACM Engineering and Technology aims to achieve excellence in engineering and technology education that meets the societal and global needs.


The mission of the Engineering and Technology Department is to promote high quality, career oriented, and market driven education integrating technology and science. The aim of the department is to develop intellectually curious and socially conscious minds who create collaborative solutions to societal problems and promote an innovative community of service for the common good.