Office of Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for students’ record management and ensuring accuracy, integrity, and security of those records. The Office supports the instructional and student progress endeavors of the College by providing quality services to students and academic and administrative departments.

Services done through The Office of Registrar include academic and student record creation, maintenance and retrieval; ensuring proper utilization of classes and labs; classes and exam scheduling; Banner course catalogue management; student registration setup; management of student enrollments; grade processing; transcripts and graduation certificate issuance; degree audits; etc.

The Office of the Registrar also prepares academic calendars, ensures grading practices are applied, and academic and non-academic performance records of the students are maintained.



  • Administer an efficient registration and scheduling process
  • Ensure proper maintenance of accurate personal, academic and enrollment records for the entire student population, past and present, and provide reports derived from these records as needed.
  • Demonstrate collaboration and continual assessment that improves outcomes within the office and throughout the College.