Library & E-learning


In line with the educational philosophy and academic goals of the Institution, the ACM library has access to a rich collection of physical and electronic resources. The Library collection includes both hardcopy and e-books that students can use either on campus or browse through the ACM website off campus. The library’s collection includes over to 2230 physical books and audio/video resources, over 16,000 journals and 55,000 e-books through various online databases as indicated below as a shared subscription with AUM Library.

The institution has an agreement with Skillsoft, a global leading company in integrated IT and educational business solutions, allowing access to hundreds of interactive e-Learning titles to students and faculty members through the library digital facilities.

The library continues to provide relevant and timely services to their patrons through the library personnel, and also online through the Library Management System where students and faculty are able to access the collections available at the library.

The ACM library has expanded its online databases with access to thousands of titles in the subject of IT, Business and Behavioral and Conceptual abilities. Through various online courses that students are strongly recommended to take, they can focus on applied educational tools while constantly being up-to-date on innovative learning technologies (e.g. electronic library, reference books, industry periodicals, multi-media, etc.).

ACM has significantly extended its existing library to include a larger reading hall with a librarian in charge. Students are not only able to conduct research for their classes, but also use the facility to register for courses, work on projects with their teams, and submit their assignments online and on time.

The Library helps ACM meet its mission of providing relevant learning resources in applied education, practical learning and skill performance to its students and faculty to cultivate lifelong learners.



Since the ACM program aims to offer a comprehensive practical and theoretical understanding of network systems, the networking laboratory is where our student will train in constructing sophisticated networks and get full access rights to control and configure not only the real network devices but also all the PC’s hardware.

Besides hardware equipment, the laboratory is set up to support several software packages as well. This allows students to enhance their practical skills in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Network Systems (CNS) modules.

Our dedicated CNS and IT network-equipped laboratory houses many up-to-date enterprise-level network switches and routers that the computer networking industries use.

The laboratory also hosts a variety of wireless devices to enable students to build converged networks.

Engineering lab


The ACM lab has undergone continuous improvement and upgrade in equipment and software. It has been relocated to a larger space to accommodate the increased numbers in lab workstations with an improved setting to enhance the overall students’ hands-on experience.

The most recent lab upgrade included additional electronic equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, computers, function generators and electronic educational tool kits.

In addition to hardware expansion, the lab was also equipped with state-of-the-art Electronic System Design software such as Multisim, Matlab, Quartus and Visual Studio.

The ongoing upgrades in the lab are to better serve the ACM teaching philosophy and strategy of linking the theoretical to the practical ideas, and to keep our students up to date with the advanced electronics and technological tools in order to give them the required skills to excel in the working field.