Learning and Educational Philosophy


The American College of the Middle East understands that prospective students arrive with widely varying skills and learning capabilities. Hence, the college is committed to applying multiple methods of learning and teaching and providing students with practical learning opportunities. The college seeks to equip its students with a solid intellectual, applied, and academic foundation supported by career-specific skills, professional behavior and ethical values. This is achieved by encouraging students to develop knowledge beyond education by providing them with a genuine learning experience.

ACM provides its students with a holistic learning experience using a unique “Learner Centered Approach.” By using this approach, students acquire the ability to learn through the application of carefully designed curricula, applied learning, the specific theoretical knowledge, and internships. ACM students also experience both self and leadership development through the learning experience, and also, by participating in professional student societies, clubs, and extracurricular activities to develop personal skills that are key to success.

Our curriculum highly reflects our philosophy on the importance of applied and career specific skills learning and education. The curriculum is designed so ACM graduates are ready and well equipped to continue their further university studies, and also ready to join the relevant industry. The curriculum is composed of three compatible integrated components that aim to provide students with a holistic learning experience. These components are The Practical & Application Component, The Leadership & Self Development Component, and The Theoretical & Intellectual Component.