Student Life

The American College of the Middle East (ACM) is continuously seeking to maintain a vibrant campus life through a fully-integrated and holistic student experience during their time at the College and beyond. This is done through the Student Activities Center, which is dedicated to providing students with various social, athletic, and self-development activities on-campus, off-campus, and most recently online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, ACM provides students the opportunity to participate in student clubs, societies, sports teams, and academic and non-academic competitions in order to develop a sense of leadership and guidance among students and create a positive and active college experience.

To contact the Student Activities Center, please email or call 22260114 or 22255100.


Scientific Societies

The American College of the Middle East promotes the learning and development of essential skills to serve the students and the community as a whole. The Scientific Societies provides a real practical application of these skills and encourages ongoing opportunities to show leadership, self-confidence and effective teamwork.

The Business society and the Engineering and technology society’s role is to promote awareness about the study discipline amongst the student community and within the Society, especially  regarding new innovations and developments in the field and the relevant career opportunities. It encourages scientific, cultural and social activities within the institution and across institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

Through Society membership, participation in activities or as a board member, students gain a real opportunity to practice and enhance their abilities in leadership, teamwork and project management.


Student Clubs

ACM offers students arts, design, self-improvement and interest clubs engaging them in a vibrant array of activities on campus with a focus on their talents.

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Sports Teams

Female and male sports teams at ACM are fully active and the college has provided them with various resources such as: accessibility to a fully integrated sports center, dedicated coaches, weekly trainings, and participation in nationwide competitions.

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