Arts, Design, Self-improvement and interest clubs

ACM offers students arts, design, self-improvement and interest clubs engaging them in a vibrant array of activities on campus with a focus on their talents.  
Writing Club
The Writing Club is an inclusive space that offers students a wide range of activities, seminars, and workshops to improve their academic and creative writing. It provides students with a positive and productive atmosphere to develop their writing skills. Through discussion sessions on a weekly basis for brainstorming ideas and creative writing, the Club assist our students with discovering their skills and talents in order to develop as self-motivated and independent writers. The Club also organizes different workshops on a wide range of extra-curricular topics such as “How to write poetry”, “Creative Non-Fiction”, “Writing Comic Strips”, etc. Objectives of the Club:
  • provide our students with a collaborative learning environment
  • equip them with creative writing and creative thinking skills
  • increase their confidence in terms of writing
  • help them discover their strengths and weaknesses
  • offer assistance and feedback on academic writing assignments
  • organize seminars for capstone projects of graduating students
  • create task-based workshops on academic writing
Music Club
The Music Club aims to promote student involvement in the contribution of their musical abilities. It gives students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and appreciate music from a variety of backgrounds including international and local influences and different instrumental forms. Meetings are held with students twice a week to practice musical instruments and to perform and showcase their talents in a wide range of musical genres. Club members also create different bands and perform concerts on campus. Objectives of the Club:
  • identifying and encouraging the music talent among the students
  • helping students develop their musical skills
  • forming instrumental and vocal bands
  • providing theoretical knowledge in music
  • developing listening skills
  • contributing to enjoyment of our students’ musical abilities
Photography Club
Taking full advantage of photography as a creative art and means of self-expression, the Photography Club provides a wide variety of activities and events to students by tapping into their artistic and creative drives. It aims to promote creativity by sharing and analyzing photographs of their peers and educating them in the art of photography and improving their skills. The club also serves students on generating and running activities focusing on video production and editing. Objectives of the Club:
  • to organize exhibitions on different topics and themes relevant to our students’ lives
  • to direct our students to be active and engaged both on and off campus
  • to admire the works of art in the field
  • to increase awareness of the use of visual media as a means of communication
  • to enable our students contribute to the documentation of cultural values of Kuwait
  • to integrate the use of photography in the field of Business and Engineering
  • to provide up-to-date information regarding the technology, hardware and software
  • to invite new members to our community with fun and engaging activities
Art Club
The Art Club provides instruction and guidance for students seeking an outlet to their artistic creativity. It is a place for budding artists to hone their skills, develop their techniques and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a love for art. Different activities are organized in the Club through the academic year, and club members meet regularly or based on the individual needs of the students. Objectives of the Club:
  • to identify and encourage the artistic talent among the students
  • to develop creativity, self-expression and appreciation for art
  • to organize exhibitions on campus and participate in national and international competitions
  • to foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts
  • to enhance creative thinking through a range of activities