Engineering Innovation Center

The Engineering Innovation Center comprises three technical clubs that were developed so that students can work on projects related to their discipline and gain applied experience that has real-world impact. 
Internet of Things (IoT) Club
Students explore various aspects of IOT such as connecting devices, collecting data, and acting upon collected data. The club provides a social platform for students in which an awareness of the opportunities presented by IOT is raised. Objectives of the IoT Club:
  • Foster knowledge-sharing among students and faculty.
  • Demonstrating the knowledge of IoT concepts including the use of sensors, wireless devices, data collection, security, and analysis.
  • Comprehending and building the different IoT architectures, protocols, and practical implementations.
  • Acquiring an understanding of the main concepts behind smart cities, smart parking, smart health, and other applications.
Mechanical Innovations Club
The club houses four units (Mechanical Diagnosis, Automotive, Aviation, and Marine). The club offers practical approach to learning about automotive vehicles RC planes, and marine vehicles. It also exposes them to the identification, installation, and troubleshooting of machine elements. Objectives of Mechanical Diagnosis Unit:
  • Teach the students how to assemble/disassemble mechanical components
  • Teach the students how to minimize mechanical vibrations in rotating elements
  • Give general ideas about the common mechanical parts such as: Gears, Shafts, Bearings and clutches
Objectives of Automotive Unit:
  • Teach students how to assemble/disassemble the mechanical components related to cars
  • Teach students about the internal combustion engines
  • Showing the difference between gasoline engines and electric engines
Objectives of Aviation Unit:
  • Teach students how to assemble/disassemble the mechanical components related to Aviation
  • Teach students the basics of Aerodynamics in Airplanes
  • Show the importance of drag and lift forces in Airplanes
Objectives of Marine Unit:
  • Teach students how to assemble/disassemble the mechanical components related to ships and submarines.
  • Teach students about engines in both ships and submarines.
  • Give general ideas about hydrodynamics and hydrostatic force such as Buoyant force.
Engineering Solutions Club
The club houses four units (Renewable and Alternative Energy, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, My Home Engineering Solutions, and Logistical Solutions). The Club exposes students to different software and hardware that will enable them to solve common Engineering Real world problems. Objectives of Logistical solutions unit:
  • Follow a structured procedure to develop a plant layout
  • Visualize facility location problems using simulation software
  • Optimize performance of the facility
Objectives of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics unit:  
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of electronic circuits interacting in three main applications: Sensors, Processing Units and Actuators
  • Design mechanical structures that will serve as mobility systems of the different types of robotic applications that will be developed
  • Develop autonomous routines based on the sensorial input provided by a wide array of available electronic sensing modules.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to work on real-world applications
Objectives of My Home Engineering Solutions unit:
  • Acquire knowledge of the connections of the electrical wiring methods and the calculation of the necessary electrical loads
  • Introduce new ideas for automation of residential wiring applications through the introduction of smart devices
  • Acquire knowledge for the development of energy efficient home electrical design and wiring solutions