Business Innovation Center

The Business Innovation Center houses four Business Clubs (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing) that were established and designed according to the specifications of each program. The clubs offer curricular and extracurricular activities that reflect the practical application of knowledge gained in the classroom. 
Accounting Club
The Accounting Club is intended to serve accounting students and help them succeed in understanding and utilizing the accounting concepts and practices to prepare them for their future careers. It is designed in a way that is similar to an accounting department in companies using the most updated and efficient technology. Objectives of the Club:
  • Provide accounting practical knowledge
  • Apply business analysis and valuation tools
  • Perform banking related transactions
  • Analyze accounting fraud and ethical cases
Finance Club
Finance Club serves the financial services students and is equipped and structured in a similar way to the actual trading rooms. It embraces the technology used by financial professionals while developing the environment that is part of this career field. Objectives of the Club:
  • Provide financial practical knowledge
  • Analyze and evaluate companies
  • Measure risk exposures in financial services companies
  • Practice trading and investment tools and techniques.
Human Resources Club
The club teaches students how to practice specific HR administrative tasks, provides them with practical experience through role-plays and case study competitions, and equips them with the necessary skills needed to succeed in the marketplace. Objectives of the Club:
  • Conduct job analysis and design job description
  • Prepare recruitment and selection plan
  • Design job advertisement
  • Understand Do’s and Don’ts of the job interview process
  • Design a practical employee training and development program
Marketing Club
  Students develop their digital and technical skills, learn how to conduct a market research, and how to design a brand identity. Objectives of the Club:
  • Provide marketing practical knowledge
  • Develop product style and design brand identity
  • Support students’ creative development
  • Conduct market research for new product development
  • Develop digital and technical skills to marketing students