Academic Advising Center

Advising Philosophy

The Academic Advising Center is where ACM undergraduate students seek and receive guidance with academic program planning throughout their academic progress. The purpose of the academic advising process is to develop an appropriate academic plan for timely graduation based on the degree requirements of each program taking into consideration students’ academic status. Ultimately, the responsibility for choosing courses and meeting degree requirements belongs to the students. The advisor can suggest, recommend, and remind the student of rules and requirements, but the student has the main responsibility for meeting program and degree requirements.


Our goals are to help students to:
  • Develop an appropriate academic plan for timely graduation based upon their presented academic performance.
  • Constantly evaluate students’ academic progress towards meeting the degree requirements, and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.
  • comprehend and take responsibility for knowing ACM policies and procedures, including the importance of adhering to the advisor recommendations.

Advising Outcomes

Students will be aware of:
  • Whom to contact for academic advising help.
  • The requirements for their major.
  • The requirements for graduation.
  • The available academic support resources.
  • Course loads necessary for the successful completion of their degree within two years.
  • How to register for classes.

Contact Info

For any query, please feel free to reach out directly to Academic Advising Center any time between 8 AM and 5 PM from Sunday till Thursday.