About Us


The American College of the Middle East (ACM) is one of the leading institutions of higher applied learning in Kuwait. Based in Egaila, on an expansive progressive campus. ACM is designed to provide intellectually challenging and applied yet engaging, authentic academic environment with student life being at the center.

ACM has 1970 enrolled fulltime students as of Fall 2019. The faculty body at ACM comes from diverse backgrounds enhancing the learning experience at ACM, and with diverse proven professional experience suiting the practical education goal of ACM. ACM students are enriched, enjoying, and benefiting from an academic experience through our world class academic programs and learning facilities offered through the six technology degrees offered at the Department of Engineering and Technology,  and the four degrees through the Department of Business Administration. The ACM “Learner Centered Approach” comes at the core of ACM plans, initiatives, and achievements.

ACM was established in 2008 in affiliation with Purdue University with a great vision and mission aspiring to be a leading college at the national, regional and global levels. ACM aspires to continuously improve and upgrade its scope and offerings with more academic degrees and initiates. Through its focused mission, innovative curriculum, holistic yet focused approach to learning, and its learning resources; ACM aims at supplying the local and GCC markets with professional and talented graduates equipped with the needed applied and practical knowledge and skills.  This will be continually done by addressing new frontiers based on the current and future needs of domestic, regional and global industries and economies, with a focus on the needs and talents of our young generation. ACM emphasizes applied knowledge and learning which will only add real, practical, occupational, scientific, and economical value. In its applied and practical learning endeavors, ACM aims to meet the needs of the industry and markets at large, however, with focus on the energy, essential economic sectors, and service sectors of Kuwait and GCC.