Foundation Program

ACM Foundation Department – English Preparatory Program (EPP)

The ACM Foundation Program is a one-year English Preparatory Program (EPP) designed to provide students with intensive English instruction and equip them with the study skills necessary to reach academic success at undergraduate level.

Foundation is a full year program divided into two semesters (Part 1 and Part 2), Part 1 being a pre-requisite for Part 2. The Foundation Part 1 and Part 2 Curricula consist of 18 hours of weekly instruction, and it is divided into 3 modules:

  • Reading and Writing (9 hours a week including 1 hour lab session)
  • Listening and Speaking (4 hours)
  • Grammar (5 hours)

The instruction in the above mentioned modules focuses on developing the students’ language skills in an academic context (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as well as on associated grammar and vocabulary encountered in academic discourse. Through theme-based units, using a communicative approach to language teaching and learning, students will participate in extensive vocabulary practice, content-based grammar practice, writing in context skills and critical thinking skills development. Formative and summative assessments are used to monitor student’s progress and the achievement of learning outcomes. The minimum passing grade in EPP program is 70%. Students who score below 70% will not be permitted to enroll in undergraduate studies at ACM.

The ACM Foundation Program (EPP) plays an important role in preparing students for undergraduate studies at ACM. Students are under the supervision and guidance of qualified instructors throughout the entire EPP program. They have access to the writing lab where they can develop their writing skills with the assistance of writing mentors.

In addition to improving students’ English language core skills, the EPP program:

  • Facilitates character development;
  • Provides test taking strategies and study skills;
  • Gives proficiency and confidence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing academic English;
  • Promotes students to become independent learners;
  • Develops confidence in public speaking and participating in college activities;
  • Develops time management and organization skills;
  • Promotes team work through working in groups to accomplish certain activities and projects;
  • Develops presentation skills.