Tutoring Center

The ACM Tutoring Center provides high quality tutoring sessions to all ACM students to support their in-class learning and help them achieve their academic goals. The Center provides individual or group sessions.


The Center’s mission is to create a welcoming and genuine learning environment, which provides students with support to excel in their academic skills. The ACM Tutoring Center strives to improve students’ critical thinking skills and promote independent learning.


The main purpose of the ACM Tutoring Center is to empower students with skills and strategies to enhance their academic performance through individualized instruction in a positive and supportive environment.


The ACM Tutoring Center aims to achieve the following goals:

  • serve as a springboard for students to achieve academic excellence
  • provide students with personalized tutoring to support their in-class learning
  • help students develop better study skills
  • develop students’ time management skills
  • help students become independent, self-confident, and responsible learners


The ACM Tutoring Center offers the following services:

Weekly Tutoring Sessions

These sessions are scheduled at the beginning of each semester through the directors’ recommendations. The sessions take place every week and students are not required to pre-register.

Tutoring Sessions through Appointment

Students can request a Tutoring Appointment for any course with their preferred instructor by booking an appointment via email, acm.tutoring.center@acm.edu.kw or through the Tutoring Center’s Moodle Page.

 Tracking Students’ Progress

The ACM Tutoring Center also tracks students’ progress closely by receiving feedback from students,

instructors, team leaders, and directors.


Contact Information


ACM Tutoring Center Moodle Page


  1. How much does a tutoring session cost?
    Tutoring sessions are free.
  2. Where is ACM Tutoring Center located?
    The ACM Tutoring Center is located in the Administration building, second floor
  3. Where can I find the schedule for Weekly Tutoring Sessions?ACM Tutoring Center Moodle Page
  4. Do I need to register for weekly sessions?
    No. Weekly sessions are open to all students. No registration is required.
  5. If my schedule does not allow me to attend the weekly sessions, what can I do?
    You can request a tutoring session at your preferred time and with your preferred instructor using the appointment link on ACM Tutoring Center Moodle Page.
  6. If the course is not listed in the Weekly Tutoring Session schedule, can I still request a Tutoring Session?
    Yes.u can request a tutoring session at your preferred time and with your preferred instructor using the appointment link on ACM Tutoring Center Moodle Page.
  7. How will I know if my request is approved?
    You will receive an email from ACM Tutoring Center with the details of the appointment for the tutoring session.
  8. Can I cancel my appointment?
    Yes, you can. You should contact ACM Tutoring Center in order to cancel and/or reschedule your session.