Alumni Services

Tawteen Career Center helps students to find their dream job. Graduates are provided with advice and guidance to find their future career by advising them where to apply and how to discover their career options.

Tawteen is responsible for liaising with external organizations and employers to obtain relevant career information such as job opportunities and recruitment policies/procedures. In addition, our experienced staff closely monitor Kuwait’s employment and labor market trends to help promote and place students in the job market.

The center communicates all training and employment opportunities provided by employers on Tawteen channels and encourages them to apply through the center.

We prepare our Alumni to:

  • Identify their skills and map out how they plan to advance themselves both in the long and short term
  • Apply constructive communication strategies with potential employers
  • Present effective interview strategies
  • Identify different industries and career options
  • Develop a professional resume and cover letter
  • Master activities such as contacts, networking, interviews, and negotiating job offers
  • Demonstrate effective job search strategies using effective search tools

We operate as the key bridge to assist students’ transition to the corporate world.