tawteenTawteen Career Center at The American College of the Middle East, is a branch from “Tawteen Recruitment & HR Solutions Company”.

Tawteen Recruitment & HR Solutions Company is specialized in providing recruitment & HR solutions services mainly for Kuwaiti and GCC citizens. It has achieved great success by training and employing 2000 Kuwaitis in the Private sector.

The American College of the Middle East is honored to continue in Tawteen’s journey of helping our students secure jobs, as we take great pride in them, and are not only interested in educating them to achieve their degrees, but are committed to making them the leaders of tomorrow.

If you are seeking great employment opportunities and career fame, Tawteen provides you with both the learning tools and skills needed to secure a dream job!

Our services include one to one mentoring sessions, training workshops and corporate networks needed to help youGain Knowledge Beyond Education.

We empower you to shine with confidence while taking the first steps towards your career.