The ACM Street Festival 2 by the Business and Engineering Societies

acm_street_festival2_1 ACM Street Festival 2 was a combination of many activities, Stage Performance, booths, and classic car show. The event was held on 29th , and 30th , April 2015, the first day was so exciting with the Marina FM MC (Ali Najm) welcoming the rising Kuwaiti singing stars, (Bader Al Shouaby & Sheikha Al Aslawy) questioning some smart questions about their future plans and performing some single songs for the audience. At the same time our booths were full of students and outsiders as we had many different variety of products such as (food, drinks, accessories, and the special booth of personal analysis). acm_street_festival2_2 The second day was the magic day with the rising Kuwaiti magical (Abdullateef Al Saleh) with the assist of (Abdulwahab Al Failkawi) as they had an amazing show for our students as three of our students had to get in the show, while the show is on our booths were on too, selling products & providing services for the students and outsiders. acm_street_festival2_3 This event was shared between the Engineering/ IT society & Business society, the input was huge and so the event was eventually successful. acm_street_festival2_4acm_street_festival2_5 acm_street_festival2_6 acm_street_festival2_7 acm_street_festival2_8 acm_street_festival2_9 acm_street_festival2_10 acm_street_festival2_11 acm_street_festival2_12 acm_street_festival2_13 acm_street_festival2_14 acm_street_festival2_15 acm_street_festival2_16