ACM Introduces Petroleum Engineering Technology Program

The American College of the Middle East (ACM) has introduced a new Diploma Program in Petroleum Engineering Technology in its Department of Engineering and Technology.
The Petroleum Engineering Technology program prepares students to work in the oil and gas industry as well as related industries. The program provides education and training for students aiming for careers in various fields involving Petroleum Engineering and Technology and related applied sciences, and engineering and technologies.
Students graduating with a diploma in Petroleum Engineering Technology will be well-prepared to join the industry and they will have a wide array of career path options, which include field and office positions, among which are Petroleum Pump System Operators, process design, plant engineering, and research and development. Common industries for employment include power, gas processing, refineries, petrochemical processing, oil and gas mining, and manufacturing. In addition, graduates have the option to continue their Bachelor degrees in similar or related fields of engineering.
Upon completion of the degree requirements, the student will receive a Diploma Degree – (Associate of Science) in Petroleum Engineering Technology.
ACM will keep on upgrading its offerings with additional programs that match the current and future demand of the industry, and equipping students with the necessary and relevant theoretical and practical skills.