ACM Introduces Chemical Engineering Technology Program

A new Diploma Program in Chemical Engineering Technology has been introduced in the Department of Engineering and Technology at the American College of the Middle East (ACM).

Through a rich curriculum, classes, laboratory sessions, workshops, field visits, and training, the Chemical Engineering Technology program at ACM combines theoretical knowledge with experiential learning and practical experience, to ensure that students and graduates are career-ready.
The Chemical Engineering Technology curriculum covers a wide array of courses that will provide students with new skills related to Chemical Engineering Technology and other disciplines, among which are: transforming ideas to Innovations, General Chemistry, Process Equipment, Industrial Chemical Processes, Thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry, and Environmental Control.
Students graduating with a Chemical Engineering Technology degree are fit for careers in petrochemical plant operations, processes design, food processing and quality, pharmaceutical industry, quality assurance, and environmental safety. Common industries for employment include manufacturing, food, pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, refineries, petrochemical processing, and oil and gas mining.

Upon completion of the degree requirements, students will receive a Diploma Degree – (Associate of Science) in Chemical Engineering Technology. As part of an articulation agreement between ACM and AUM, graduates of Chemical Engineering Technology will be eligible to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from AUM and become Chemical Engineers.

Candidates who are interested to enroll in the Chemical Engineering Technology Program can apply online through this link or contact +965 2225 5100.