Diploma Degree in Business Administration – Accounting (ACT)

acm_accountingThe Diploma in Business Administration – Accounting concentration provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in financial and managerial accounting within a business management context. The program is designed to equip students with outstanding analytical, technical, and critical thinking skills, and support them in the decision making process through innovative effective learning methodologies and exposure to real-life situations. Along their years of study at ACM, students will acquire the required skills that will make them an asset to any organization in today’s job market. One of the main strengths of the program is the practical aspect and use of dedicated tools that allow students to develop hands-on competence and problem analysis skills. As students’ graduate and professional development continues, the program also prepares them to join an undergraduate education leading to a Bachelor degree. The total credit requirement for graduation is 60 credits, normally achievable within two years of full-time study. Actual study plans may vary from one student to the other according to their pace and progress. Academic advisors shall guide students prior to each semester in preparing their course load.
Career Opportunities
Students pursuing an accounting concentration at ACM are offered challenging and rewarding opportunities in accounting in both government and private commercial enterprises. Graduates may pursue careers as junior accountants and auditors, bookkeepers, bank tellers, customer relation officers and or junior financial analysts in accounting firms, banks, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations and government entities.