Diploma Degree in Business Administration – Marketing (MKT)

Degree Description

The Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing concentration enables students to integrate their knowledge in all areas of marketing with analytical and communication skills to be ready for the challenges of undertaking and managing marketing functions in any organization. It instills in students an awareness of the problems of marketing in the local and global marketplace.

As students’ graduate and professional development continues, the program also prepares students to join an undergraduate education leading to a Bachelor degree.

The total credits required for graduation is 60 credits, normally achievable within two years of full-time study. Actual study plans may vary from one student to the other according to their pace and progress. Academic advisors shall guide students prior to each semester in preparing their course load.

Career Opportunities

Marketing is quite popular as a career path and has a highly competitive entry. Graduates may pursue careers in media or as digital planner, brand coordinator, digital marketing analyst, Social Media Strategist (Junior), Online User Experience Analyst, E-Commerce Specialist (Junior) and many more. Marketing jobs are abundant considering marketing departments are found in nearly all medium and large organizations.