Where Practical Skills Matter Most

The American College of the Middle East (ACM) is one of the leading institutions of higher applied learning in Kuwait. Based in Egaila, on an expansive progressive campus. ACM is designed to provide intellectually challenging and applied yet engaging, authentic academic environment with student life being at the center.

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ACM believes that students are individuals who are governed by individual differences that render them unique in terms of their given talents and learning styles. Hence, it is imperative to recognize that while not all students achieve excellence in more traditional academic settings, these same students can thrive in an educational setting better suited to their unique abilities.

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Providing students with an unparalleled learning experience that prepares them for whatever undertaking they choose to pursue after earning their diploma, whether it is in the educational realm or general workforce.
ACM supplies graduates possessing career-specific expertise, sound behavioral and business communication skills in various industries.

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The information technology infrastructure of the American College of the Middle East renders it one the most well connected campuses in the region. This infrastructure consists of state-of-the-art technology resources that provide both students and faculty communication and learning platforms to ensure that education thrives outside of the classroom — all at incredible speeds.

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Our programs


Students pursuing Business majors will have extensive knowledge of global and local business methods. ACM Students will learn ethical protocols, how to manage customer relationships, understand how to successfully market a product, develop an awareness in business financial investments, etc. The curriculum will enable students to maneuver through different business situations with skill and professionalism.


ACM Students who pursue a degree in engineering will have a detailed curriculum to ensure comprehensive skills in both technical and non-technical engineering projects. They will master the ability to apply mathematics and science to analyze, identify and solve errors through the composition of graphs and analysis reports. In addition, students will be educated with the latest computer software tools to ensure their well-rounded knowledge of engineering technologies.

Information Technology

The ACM’s IT program provides students with enabling skills to apply systems theories, develop and improve existing systems, and to completely manage and navigate networking infrastructures. IT students would also be able to communicate effectively with customers and peers to create and maintain a well-functioning networking system.

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